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Watch it V2 Pro is a small technological wonder! Made 100% French, an accessory that you will be able to wear everyday on you and that will allow you to realize many effects FI without being afraid to break! Watch IT PRO V2 , a revolutionary gimmick, French manufacture, a technological jewel still wearable .
Besides the gift: Video Bonus Watch It tricks V2 with a total value of 35 € We offer free shipping during the sales period! (You only have to put in your basket this article to be able to benefit from the free delivery) Xtremillusion exclusively for any of Watch IT control receive a free gift, a second Video *: Watch IT, Tricks V2 to a value of 25 € for you to learn four new effects + tips and tricks to become an expert in the Mastery of this incredible accessory already used by the greatest magicians.
And additional gift we offer you an invisible wire coil drive! A little thicker more resistant which is perfect for training! Principle: The greatest strength of the effects presented in " Watch IT Pro V2 + your bonus watch it tricks V2 " are they really impromptu, ie, you will be ready to do the impossible in any moment! We are all great gimmick fans of all kinds.
They allow us to create the impossible, impossible to do with bare hands in all situations: scene, close-up, table-to-table .
so impossible to understand for the public.
made in France The biggest problem, which is the same for all gimmicks: you never have them with you everyday! You do not take them with you to go to work, for example, in the subway, in the night club, in really unexpected places .
That's why we are a little "reluctant" a gimmick more .
so I ask you this question: "and what would happen if you have the opportunity to wear this gimmick on you every day allowing you to perform hundreds of incredible effects !? a gimmick so trivial that it could not be one, making it invisible.
And if your watch become your favorite gimmick? We have taken years before ending in a finished version, and an evolution of the first version, elegant and ingenious, technologically speaking .
we called it: WATCH IT PRO V2 Become a great illusionist, a magician Street of renown thanks to this ultra ingenious watch! New version WATCH IT V2 more pro, more resistant problem 0: In 2013 is released a limited version of a product called "watch IT".
100 pieces were sold then nothing.
Helbec has decided to produce an improved, simplified and efficient version.
A watch with a modern look, which gives the time thanks to an independent Japanese movement.
Discreet and always on your wrist, it simply removes the very notion of "impromptu".
You become at all times able to levitate a coin, card, beer capsule or plastic token.
All your card games, even borrowed, become "haunted games": a chosen card signed by the spectator comes out of the heap, alone, on the ground, in his hands or even under his nose! You have the possibility to pull or push objects by a simple wrist rotation thanks to the 2 activation modes ("ON" mode and "tilt" mode).
A product with a setup that is done in front of your audience, and a reset too, making it perfect for the impromptu and the table to table.
The watch is accompanied by a DVD which accompanies you step by step in the discovery of the product and which guides you in its use, you will be able to present the haunted game in less than an hour.
We spent the last 6 years to conceive and the last 2 in the manufacture, telekinesis to Watch IT V2 is now available again to the public! As a gift WATCH IT TRICKS V2 (only on Xtremillusion) Watchit-montre-itr-tricksv2-dvd For every purchase of the watch FI Watch IT PRO V2, receive a gift, Video: Watch It Tricks V2 to a value of 25 €! And learn more: Haunted Deck V2: A new version of the haunted effect deck (the haunted package), two cards are freely chosen (can be signed) by two spectators (also works with a single card with a spectator.
The cards are then placed in the package, to be then filed against an object, wall .
then you go away you and the spectators are able to see a dramatic effect and unreal.
Indeed freely selected cards from the beginning will gently out one by one package.
A truly magical and stunning effect! V2 Sweater: Take a pen, straw, cigarette, put it on the table without touching anything, no move or blow it will come back to you as if a spirit push it! Really amazing! Business card madness: If you like to use this effect business card is for you! Borrowed or take your business card, place it on the table and much like the effect of Pull V2 the latter will move towards you.
Ring Levitation: A new version of levitation ring only possible with Watch it, a spectacular and beautiful effect.
You will be able to realize an impossible effect that will remain etched in the memories .
forever! Tips and Tricks: You will be able to learn many tricks and tips (not present in the original DVD comes with Watch IT PRO V2 ) that will allow you to better understand and master the use of your watch it.
What you will receive in the box: The shows WATCH IT PRO V2 deposited to their black cushion A screwdriver that will allow to adjust the potentiometer (adjustment of force and tension exerted by the engine cylinder) GIFT: A 7m coil fi drive single strand close to employment (high quality) A pack of 8 lithium batteries An access code to the forum for users of the Watch It poura or creator you answer here is the direct link: https://www.
com/forum-magie/question/3-watch-it (Several effects: levitation piece, haunted games, push / pull an object / rising card / various effects + many bonuses: history of the creator's project, the technical purposes of the product, use, how to change the Gimmick, batteries, recommendations and effects with their explanations, all in English with subtitle in French.
) GIFT: Watch IT tricks V2 (4 types of killers, additional bundled with many tips and tricks when in use, handling your watch Watch IT product by Xtremillusion) Contents of the DVD provides with Watch IT V2 PRO: Camera 3 angles to understand the overview and details provided with real-time routines, explanation of the effect and explanation of the routine: Levitation of coin / capsule impromptu Hidden Impromptu Games Ticket Levitation Pushing / pulling an object Lifting card (rising card) Various effects (effects with balloons, cigarettes, tie .
) What we love: Ultra quiet You are ready to perform the impossible at any time We can activate it either by turning the dial or thanks to the contactor mercury activate it simply by turning his wrist! Very suprising effects! A watch that is truly stylish and trendy The clarity of the explanations present in the video and a forum support by the creator of the product A French manufacture by hand, your watch will be checked and tested before sending A gimmick that we can finally wear on us every day A gimmick so banal that it can not be one, which makes it totally invisible! A real analog watch Watch IT V1 VS WATCH IT PRO V2: More external switch very light on the version V1 you simply turn the dial to activate the rewind FI A mercury switch has been added! Which allows a simple movement of the wrist to activate or not the rewinding of the FI A small guide (2 small rods welded on the printed circuit) will allow you to position your IF correctly and avoid that it entangles itself incorrectly on its reel (Finally more nodes) A system of opening of the watch more neat and easier to open The design of the watch has been redesigned, prettier, more aesthetic and more discreet Additional accessories: Spider Thread (FI reel ultra invisible) You arrive at your 7 meters FI training and be ready to face the public :) We recommend you buy: spider thread (FI coils 2) Spider-thread-yigal-mesika Videos of the 1st watch WATCH IT which is no longer marketed but whose effects are possible with the new

VIEW ON TV! The watch used by the greatest magicians the proof in this video LA FRANCE A UN INCREDIBLE TALENT

Watch magic wire invisible watchitv2 watchitpro helbec france incredible talent3
Watch magic wire invisible watchitv2 watchitpro helbec france incredible talent2
Watch magic wire invisible watchitv2 watchitpro helbec france incredible talent4
Watch magic wire invisible watchitv2 watchitpro helbec france incredible talent7
Watch magic wire invisible watchitv2 watchitpro helbec france incredible talent6

See the video:


Q: Are the watch can fit on small / big wrists?
A: Yes of course you have a strap that adjusts very easily.

Q: Are what you can use its own FI?
A: Yes of course if you have an IF coil you can use it on the spool provided very easily.

Q: Are the watch is big?
A: No it is standard size

Q: Are the watch tells the time?
A: Fortunately! It is a real watch!

Q: How long will the batteries last?
A: The batteries take well a presentation evening, no problem (about 60-70 laps).

They can also last at least two months if you stay without using the barrel.
The supplied batteries are alkaline batteries, you can considerably increase the lifetime of these by purchasing their lithium-ion equivalent.
It is found among photographers and jewelers.
Q: Are that use close-up? Ie "under the noses of people"? A: Of course, take the example of the V2 PULL effect is devastating that can be done in front of your viewers.
A good example would also be the Haunted Deck V2 effect which can be used in table-top, close-up .
a killer effect or spectators will only see fire;) Testimonials "Honestly I've tested all the ITR for the past 30 years, WATCH IT V2 is my favorite, it allows for innovative new effects and impossible to do with other ITR" Loic D.
Lyon "This shows that ITR is also handmade in France is a godsend! I had some other accessories much more stringent and now I discovered Watch V2 IT pro I can separate myself more, it remains To my wrist and hop I can achieve many instantaneous effects! " Kevin G.
, Besancon "Good gear knob plus a key to set the speed! It's really convenient and advantage over the tarantula is that there is no need to hide something in hand so nothing to get rid after The effect! " Yannick H.
, Marseille "Definitely less hard to master than others ITR, easier to wear and need to be justified, a watch that is more trendy" Pierre-Yann Paris " Watch IT Pro V2 is a wonder for me.
A great creation, a response to certain requirements.
Always within is charged discreetly and quickly.
I replaced the strap by a big band style" shows metaleux " .
" Vincent C.
, Bordeaux

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